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Welcome to Paula and Sarina's Book Blog! Avid readers, hard core fan girls of fictional literary male characters, proud library captains. We started this blog because of our love for reading YA novels and decided to share our thoughts on the books we read. We hope you enjoy our blog and contact us if you have any questions :)


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About Paula... 

Hello there. My name is Paula and welcome to my tiny corner of the web world. I've always loved reading. When I was little, I used to have this routine in the library where I would go to my favorite section of the library, sit on the ground, and read the back of every single book until I had eight or nine books ready to check out.

Blogging about books is something I've always wanted to do. Especially after reading painfully heart wrenching, soul destroying novels about a pair of star crossed lovers, or an unexpected death, or simply an unsatisfying ending. When I get to the end of books like these, I find that I have a burning desire to rant to anyone willing to listen, like Pat in Silver Linings Playbook when he says "The world's hard enough as it is, guys. Can't someone say, hey let's be positive? Let's have a good ending to the story!?". But from experience, I personally think that the saddest, most heart shattering books are the best ones, the ones that will stick with you for a really long time. Of course, not all books I read leave me in a gaping hold of sorrow and despair... On the other end of the spectrum lies the books that leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, the satisfying ones that let me fall asleep thinking "life is beautiful". This is why I wanted to write for a book blog, to share the adventures I experience in the books I read with the rest of the world.

My favourite books include The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, the Book Thief & The Messenger by Markus Zusak, Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, and Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.


About Sarina...

Hello everyone! My name is Sarina, and just like Paula, I'm an avid reader. Now don't judge me when I say this, but my love for reading really spawned from one series, or should I say saga. Yes, my love for reading developed from the Twilight saga. For most people, this may be a turn off, but really everyone who read Twilight before it became a "tween" thing loved the series. And I do love the series... Just because it exposed me to a wonderful world of literature that I did not know existed. Some people say that they love to live in the moment. Well, I love to live in books. (Mostly because my actual life is rather boring.)

I've followed blogs ever since I entered high school, and now it's like my religion. Hearing about new books, reading fellow readers' opinions about books, finding a quote that resonates with me, these are all things that make me happy, and I can tell that blogging will soon be added to that list. I notice myself going through droughts where I buy a book and stare at it on my nightstand, but I never actually read it. All hype, no follow through. I'm hoping that this blog will help bring back my mojo.

Other than that, I'm a fairly simple person. Most books I pick up I end up enjoying, and I love that. I read mainly YA novels, more specifically contemporary and a bit of paranormal stuff. Lately, I've been reading books that make me feel. Those books are the best. They're a great way to escape from the world where words are scary rather than enlightening. Because that's the thing about books - They create these imaginary worlds where you can escape from the stress of the real world and enjoy the beauty of a different place where anything is possible. They create magic, and I'm hoping that reading this blog will make you feel magical.