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Welcome to Paula and Sarina's Book Blog! Avid readers, hard core fan girls of fictional literary male characters, proud library captains. We started this blog because of our love for reading YA novels and decided to share our thoughts on the books we read. We hope you enjoy our blog and contact us if you have any questions :)


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Monday, 29 April 2013
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and the Bookish. Because your admins here at From Covers to Covers love the idea of making funny and interesting lists, we are really excited to participate in these weekly challenges!

1. Romance
This one is kind of obvious. If the summary of a book alludes to anything of the romantic variety, you can sure as heck know that we would be on the lookout for it!

2. Boys
This is similar to the first word. British boys, cute boys, bad boys, good boys... If a book has a good lead male, we will be lining up to pick it up and SWOON.

3. Summer
Sun, beaches, freedom, romance... Summertime is the best time of the year. Most summer books that we've picked up in the past have blown us away, so you can definitely expect this topic to arouse our interest!

4. Road Trip
Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, Saving June, and Two-way Street are just a few (rare) examples of how incredible a road trip novel can be. To be honest though, nothing will ever top Amy & Roger's Epic Detour for us. But if something does, then it will sure be fantastic.

5. Adorable
This one is self-explanatory. Adorable novel = Paula and Sarina likey.

So you know when you have nothing to say so you freak out and a whole bunch of jabble comes out? Well when our fellow book reviewers do so, we know we're in for a treat.

7. Irresistible
How could we ever resist an irresistible novel/romance?

8. Heartwrenching
Books that make you feel are the best. If a novel is labelled heartwrenching then you know that it will be put on your favourites list.

9. (Going to be) Made into A Motion Picture
This could be controversial, but most book-turned-movies only happen if the book is good. Not all of them, but a heck of a lot of them. These books would go on to-read list if not only because they're good, but we'd like to compare the novel to the film.

10. Best selling series/author
There must be a reason why a series or author would become best selling in the first place. If it's on a best selling list, then we would for sure want to check it out!

That's a wrap! What makes you instantly fall for a book?